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2015D. Das ; V.A. Juvekar; S.B. Roy; R. BhattacharyaEfficacy of Extraction of U(VI) by Liquid Emulsion Membrane (LEM) using TOPO, D2EHPA and TOA
2015Asfiya Q. Contractor; V.A.JuvekarEstimation of equilibrium capacitance of polyaniline films using step voltammetry
2014Rajkumar Patil; V.A.JuvekarAnalysis of multiparticle bipolar electrolysis using single particle cell model
2014Saeikh Z. Hassan, Madhu VinjamurConcentration-independent rate constant for biodiesel synthesis from homogeneous-catalytic esterification of free fatty acid
2014Pan, Sharadwata; At Nguyen, Duc; Sridhar, T.; Sunthar, P.; Ravi Prakash, J.Universal solvent quality crossover of the zero shear rate viscosity of semidilute DNA solutions
2014Yogendra Shastri; Luis Rodriguez; Alan Hansen; K.C. TingEngineering and Science of Biomass Feedstock Production and Provision
2014Yogendra Shastri; K.C. TingBiomass feedstock production and provision: Overview, current status, and challenges
2014Yogendra Shastri; Alan Hansen; Luis Rodriguez; K.C. TingSystems informatics and analysis
2014D. Das; V.A. Juvekar; S.B. Roy; R. BhattacharyaComparative studies on co-extraction of uranium (VI) and different mineral acids from aqueous feed solutions using TBP, TOPO and TOA
2014A.V.P. Gurumoorthy; V.A.JuvekarBridging flocculation: a modeling study of the polymer adsorption dynamics
2014R.S. Patil; V.A. Juvekar; V.M. NaikA polarity switching technique for the efficient production of sodium hypochlorite from aqueous sodium chloride using platinum electrodes
2014Seshadri, G.; Thaokar, RM.; Mehra, A.Optimum size of nanorods, for heating applciation
2014Asfiya Q. Contractor; V.A. JuvekarElucidation of band structure of charge storage in conducting polymer using a redox reaction
2014Karyappa, R.;Deshmukh, S;Thaokar, RM.Breakup of a conductigng drop in a uniform electric field
2014Karyappa, R; Thaokar, RMDeformation and Kinetics of elastic capsules
2014Mhatre, Sameer;Thaokar, RMEmulsification of a high conducting oil in a low conducting oil using electric fields
2014Karyappa, R.;Deshmukh, S;Thaokar, RM. Deformation of an elastic capsule in an electric field
2014Gambhire, Priya;Thaokar, RochishAn electrokinetic model for electric field induced interfacial instabilities
2014Sharadwata Pan; Deepak Ahirwal; Duc At Nguyen; T. Sridhar; P. Sunthar; J. Ravi PrakashViscosity Radius of Polymers in Dilute Solutions: Universal Behavior from DNA Rheology and Brownian Dynamics Simulations
2013S. Z. Hassan; S. A. Chopade; M. Vinjamur Study of Parametric Effects and Kinetic Modeling of Trans-esterification Reaction for Biodiesel Synthesis