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9998Nandola, N.N.; Bhartiya, S.Hybrid system identification using a structural approach and its model based control: An experimental validation
9998Layek, Arunasish; Mishra, Gargi; Sharma, Archana; Spasova, Marina; Dhar, Subhabrata; Chowdhury, Arindam; Bandyopadhyaya, RajdipA Generalized Three-Stage Mechanism of ZnO Nanoparticle Formation in Homogeneous Liquid Medium
9998C. Ravikumar; S. Kumar; R. BandyopadhyayaAggregation of dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles in aqueous medium: Experiments and Monte Carlo simulation
9998Dhananjaneyulu V; Sagar PVN; Kumar G; Viswanathan GANoise propagation in two-step series MAPK cascade
9998D. Sateesh; R. N. Mandapati; S. M. Mahajani; A. Ganesh; P. Aghalayam; D. K. Mathur; R. K. SharmaLaboratory studies on combustion cavity growth in lignite coal blocks in the context of Underground Coal Gasification
9998Patidar, P.; Mahajani, S.M.Esterification of Fusel Oil Using Reactive Distillation- Part I: Reaction Kinetics
9998J. S. Jayakumar; S. M. Mahajani; J. C. Mandal; K. N. Iyer; P. K. VijayanThermal Hydraulic Characteristics of Air-Water Two-phase Flows in Helical Pipes
9998Saeikh Z. Hassan, Madhu VinjamurParametric effects on kinetics of esterification for biodiesel production: A Taguchi approach
2019Ravi Sankannavar; Sanjeev ChaudhariAn imperative approach for fluorosis mitigation: Amending aqueous calcium to suppress hydroxyapatite dissolution in defluoridation
2018Ravi Sankannavar; A. SarkarThe electrocatalysis of oxygen evolution reaction on La1−xCaxFeO3−δ perovskites in alkaline solution
2018Ravi Sankannavar; K. C. Sandeep; Sachin Kamath; Akkihebbal K. Suresh; A. SarkarImpact of Strontium-Substitution on Oxygen Evolution Reaction of Lanthanum Nickelates in Alkaline Solution
2017Sushil K. Surwase ; Devyani Varshney ; Nitinkumar V. Patel and Mani BhushanNonlinear State Estimation for Three Tank Experimental Setup: A Comparative Evaluation
2016Akshay Modi; Shiv Singh; Nishith VermaIn situ nitrogen-doping of nickel nanoparticle-dispersed carbon nanofiber-based electrodes: Its positive effects on the performance of a microbial fuel cell
2015D. Das ; V.A. Juvekar; S.B. Roy; R. BhattacharyaEfficacy of Extraction of U(VI) by Liquid Emulsion Membrane (LEM) using TOPO, D2EHPA and TOA
2015Modi, Akshay; Bhaduri, Bhaskar; Verma, NishithFacile One-Step Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanofibers for the Removal of Potentially Toxic Metals from Water
2015Asfiya Q. Contractor; V.A.JuvekarEstimation of equilibrium capacitance of polyaniline films using step voltammetry
2015Diptendu Das; V. A. Juvekar; R. Bhattacharya Co-extraction of U(VI) and HNO3 using TBP and Its Higher Homologues TiAP and TEHP: Comparison of Equilibria , Kinetics and Rate of Extraction’
2015D. Das; V. A. Juvekar; R. Bhattacharya Co-extraction/stripping of mineral acids and iron (III) by Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate
2015D. Das; V.A. Juvekar;V.H. Rupawate; K. Ramprasad; R. BhattacharyaEffect of Nature of Organophosphorous Acid Moiety on Co-extraction of U(VI) and mineral acid from aqueous solutions using D2EHPA, PC88A and Cyanex 272
2015D. Das ; V.A. Juvekar; S.B. Roy; R. Bhattacharya, Problem associated with the use of TBP for LEM extraction of U(VI) and attempt to overcome this problem using other ligands