DUGC Approval form for URA01

URA01: This is recognition of a small research/developmental effort, successfully completed by a student in the first, second or third year of an undergraduate programme – that is, a BTech, Integrated MSc or a Dual Degree Programme. A faculty member must agree to supervise the student for the URA01 project. The student works with this faculty member, with the approval of the DUGC, for four-to-six month duration – including the summer or winter vacations. No formal registration is required with the academic office at this stage. If the faculty member is satisfied with the quantum and quality of work done, at any stage, s/he may recommend the award of URA01 to the student, which will then be listed in the grade card of the student in the semester immediately following the semester in which this award was recommended. No credits are assigned to URA01. URA01 can be awarded only once to a student.

Instructions for a student interested for URA01:

1) Browse through the department website's Research section to look for a project/topic of your interest. In research section, the projects are sorted our in various formats to aid the students in the most efficient manner.

2) After deciding the project/topic, approach the concerned faculty with this form (here the form can be hyperlinked) requesting him/her to guide you for URA01.

3) If the faculty agrees to supervise you then decide the topic, fill the form and submit the same to the HoD office seeking for approval from DUGC (Department Undergraduate Committee)

4) You are required to collect back the form after approval and keep it with you till the completion of the project. After completion, you may give the form to your guide seeking for URA01 (remember that this is an award, the faculty may choose not to give the award if s/he does not find your work up to his/her standards).

5) If the guide gives his/her assent for the award then the form should be submitted back to DUGC for their acknowledgment whereupon you can take it to the Academic office to get it listed on the grade sheet.

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