Topic 3: Catalytic degradation technology for treatment of wastewater

Through earlier work in our laboratory, we have developed prorous material based catalytic nanoparticles,

which have been shown to degrade dye and  possibly other contaminants, present in wastewater, at an enhanced

rate. We have also developed a model combining transport and reaction rates to capture diffusion, adsorption and

reaction undergone by this contaminant inside the catalytic-nanoparticle, wthin the porous material. In tihe proposed 

research project, we now want to conduct both experiments and develope the model further to optimize the catalytic

degradation process and scale-up to make the techology functional and use it for wastewater treatment. 


Proposing Faculty
Research Area
  • Catalysis
  • Multiphase Reaction
  • Reaction Engineering
  • Reactor Modelling