Multiscale Analyses of Filled Elastomers - Applications as Solid Propellant (TA/FA)

Filled elastomers or filled rubbers have found
extensive uses - particularly as Solid Propellant. The fillers provide advantageous properties over
unfilled systems - including providing an oxygen sourse for combustion in Rocket Motors, as well as various other applications. One important property that
bears investigation is the stress-strain relationship of the elastomers and its
relationship to the primary molecular architecture. Experimental data and
theoretical developments have been presented earlier. The current investigation
aims toward a systematic study of the objective relationship between molecular
structure and stress-elongation relationship. The approach involves experiments, modeling as well as theory development, which will be validated using literature data as well from
experiments performed during the research.

Potential Collaboration with TIFR.

Proposing Faculty
Research Area
  • Molecular Simulations
  • Polymer Physics
  • Statistical Themodynamics
  • Surface Science