Genomic study of antibiotic resistance mechanisms (TA/FA)

Antibiotics have been critical for the dramatic rise of life expectancy and the fight against many diseases and infections in the past fifty years. However, over the past decade, antimicrobial resistance has emerged as a major public-health crisis. We are using Streptomyces coelicolor and Mycobacterium smegmatis as models to decipher the various mechanisms employed by bacteria to counter antibiotics. A transcriptomic study using whole-genome microarrays revealed a combination of mechanisms that Streptomyces uses to counter fluoroquinolones. In this project, we will study the role of genes identified on the basis of microarray. Further, we will study the evolution of resistance by generating hyper-resistant mutants and employing next-generation sequencing methods.

Proposing Faculty
Research Area
  • Biomolecular Engineering
  • Systems Biology