Dusty turbulence: How particles impact flow structures

The turbulent flow of a dilute suspension of particles is encountered in a wide range of situations, from droplets in warm clouds and industrial sprays, to dust in proto-planetary accretion disks. When the particles are denser than the fluid, they get ejected from vortical regions of the flow tend to preferentially concentrate in straining zones. This influence of the structure of the turbulent flow on particle transport, settling and collisions has been studied extensively in recent years. In this project, we will examine how the particles modify the turbulent flow structures, with a focus on dilute suspensions of tiny, dense particles. The goal is not simply to detect differences in flow structures, but also to understand the mechanisms involved, by using a combination of targeted numerical simulations and stability analyses.
Proposing Faculty
Research Area
  • Aerosols
  • Computational Flow Modelling (CFD)
  • Fluid Mechanics and Stability