Development of Decision Support System for Landuse Planning in the Vicinity of Fixed and Mobile Chemical Risk Sources

There is a need for developing a comprehensive approach to land-use planning in the vicinity of fixed (process plants, cross-country pipelines) and mobile (bulk road transportation) chemical hazard sources in order to control the associated risk to humans and property. The problem necessarily involves devlopment of risk acceptance criteria (RAC) and its employment in deciding on the pattern of landuse around such risk sources, through the amalgamation of technical and socio-economic considerations. The complexity of the problem requires the use of an appropriate Decision-Support System (DSS), especially for a country such as India for which a RAC is yet to be promulgated by the Government; neither is there a generic, universally applicable method of landuse planning method. The proposed work will attempt to address this gap by a systematic development of a DSS.

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  • Green Engineering