Brownian Dynamics using MMTK

These are a collection of lectures on the extending the Molecular Modelling ToolKit (MMTK) (which is a generic Python library/package for molecular dynamics) to perform Brownian Dynamics Simulations. The lectures are organised in various modules:

  1. Introduction to Python and Object Oriented Programming.
  2. Simple scripting to perform basic MD and BD

These lectures were delivered and recorded in Monash University during Nov-Dec 2009. I thank the author of MMTK Dr Konrad Hinsen, for providing useful comments and insights in preparing these lecture slides, and Dr J Ravi Prakash, for providing the support to carry out this work.

Module 1: Introduction to Python and Object Oriented Programming (78 min)52.57 MB
Module 2: Simple Scripting for MD and BDS (100 min)42.97 MB
Presentation file for Modules 1 and 2 (PDF)1004.41 KB