PhD Admission Information

Applications for admissions to the Spring, 2019-2020  session have commenced. Please check the IITB admissions website for details. Information specific to the written test and interview is available now.  read more »

Department Academic Honour Code

Preamble: Students are expected to practice highest ethical and moral standards. In order to maintain the sanctity of these standards, students are expected to sign this declaration after eading and understanding the honor code. The Department reserves the right to amend this code as and when required. Amendments will be brought to the notice of all stakeholders.  read more »

PhD qualifier papers December 2011

These are the PhD qualifier papers from December 2011.

Annual Progress Seminar

Rules and Guidelines governing Annual Progress Seminars for PhD Students.

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Research Laboratories

The department is organised into small research groups and laboratories. The following are the major such subdivisions. Please consult the links to know more about the people in each lab and the facilities and chemicals available in each of them.



PhD Qualifiers

PhD Qualifiers Students joining the PhD program in Chemical Engineering are required to take qualifiers in two subjects, and students have to clear them within the first year of joining for confirmation of PhD registration. Every student will be allowed two attempts to pass the qualifiers. The department has identified a basket of courses to choose from, based on the different streams of students joining our PhD program.

The subjects in which each of them will be tested is listed below.

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PhD TA Topics by Faculty

PhD topics offered for the TA category students is listed here under various faculty. A list of project categorised by research areas is also available.
Jhumpa Adhikari
Rajdip Bandyopadhyaya
Jayesh Bellare
Sharad Bhartiya
Swati Bhattacharya
Mani Bhushan
Abhijit Chatterjee
Ratul Dasgupta
Partha Sarathi Goswami
Ravindra D Gudi
Venkat Gundabala
Sameer Jadhav
Sujit S Jogwar
Vinay A Juvekar
Devang V Khakhar
Guruswamy Kumaraswamy
Sanjay M Mahajani
Abhijit Majumder
Ateeque Malani
Anurag Mehra
Sarika Mehra
Arun S Moharir
Kannan M Moudgalya
Hemant Nanavati
Santosh Noronha
Sachin C Patwardhan
Jason R. Picardo
Sandip Roy
Supreet Saini
Jyoti Seth
Hariharan S Shankar
Yogendra Shastri
P Sunthar
Akkihebbal K Suresh
Rochish Madhukar Thaokar
Mahesh S Tirumkudulu
Mukta Tripathy
Chandra Venkataraman
K. V Venkatesh
Madhu Vinjamur
Ganesh A Viswanathan
Pramod P Wangikar

PhD TA Topics by Research Areas

The department is involved in a variety of frontier and traditional areas in chemical engineering research, under the broad areas of: The following are the various topics offered for PhD under these areas for the TA category students. The topics categorised by faculty is available here.