Vijay M Naik

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Full Name: Vijay M Naik
Room No: 145, Chemical Engineering
+91 (22) 2576 7210 (O)
+91 (22) 2572 6895 (Fax)
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  • B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay
  • M.Chem. Engg., UICT Mumbai


  • Formerly : Vice President Corporate Research, Unilever Research India
  • Currently : Chairman of Expert Committee on Foods Processing, Ministry of Foods Processing Industries - Sc and Eng Research Board - DST, GOI

Awards & Fellowships

  • FNAE- Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, (elected in 2006)
  • Unilever Research(international) Award-1998 (energy saving system for distribution of frozen products)
  • Unilever's Best Patent Application(International) Award in Foods- 2006 (Process for tea manufacture and aroma capture)
  • Over 200 Patents for over 25 inventions in chemical processing/FMCG products and devices, in more that 30 different countries
  • IISc Banglore Golden Jubilee Lecture- Department of Chem. Eng. 1998


A list of publications is available in this link.

R&D Areas/Projects

  • Current Research Interests:

    • Electro-dynamic /dielectrophoretic/ electro-chemical phenomena
    • Nano materials/Janus particles
    • Biology inspired superhydrophobicity & structured colour /optical effects
    • High carbon efficiency transformation of biomass into renewable enery sources.
    • Development of products and processes involving foods/surfactants/polymeric systems
  • Selected publications

    1. Edited Books/Monographs
      • Editor(s): Lal, M; Mashelkar, RA; Kulkarni, BD; Naik, V M  
        Title: Structure and Dynamics of Materials in the Mesoscopic Domain   
        Publisher: Imperial College Press, London and The Royal Society, London; 1999
      • Editor(s): Lal, M; Lillford, PJ; Naik, VM; Prakash V   
        Title: Supramolecular and Colloidal Structures in Biomaterials and Biosubstrates 
        Publisher: Imperial College Press, London and The Royal Society, London; 2000
    2. Invited Articles
      • Author(s): Naik, VM ; Mukherjee, R; Majmudar,A; Sharma, A     
        Title: Super Functional Materials:Creation and Control of Wettebility, Adhesion and Optical Effects    by Meso Structuring of Surfaces.
        Books:CURRENT TRENDS IN SCIENCE:edited by N. Mankunda; Indian Academy of Sciences, Banglore; 2009
      • Author(s): Naik, VM 
        Title: Nano Phenomena at Work, for Colour Management in Personal Care
        Book: BIONANOTECHNOLOGY; edited by Reisner; CRC Press, NY; 2008
      • Author(s): Zhu, S; Chambers, JG; Naik, VM 
        Book: KIRK-OTHMER CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY, 5th dition, Volume 2; John Wiley & Sons, NY; 2007
    3. Selected Papers in Peer-reviewed Journals/Books
      • Author(s): Raut, JS; Akella, S.; Singh, A; Naik, VM 
        Title: Catastrophic drop breakup in electric field 
        Source: Langmuir, in press (web 03/2009)
      • Author(s): Lian, G.; Naik, VM; Li, J.  
        Title: Preface to the Complex Materials special issue  
        Source: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 47(17): 6345-6346 SEPT 2008
      • Author(s): Raut, JS; Bhattad, P; Kulkarni, AC; Naik, VM   
        Title: "Micro-pottery"-Marangoni effect driven assembly of amphiphilic fibers 
        Source: LANGMUIR, 21 (2): 516-519 JAN 18 2005 ( Appeared on Cover page of the Journal)
      • Author(s): Raut, JS; Naik, VM; Jongen, TR  
        Title: Efficient simulation of time-dependent flows: Application to a twin screw extruder  
        Source: AICHE JOURNAL, 49 (8): 1933-1946 AUG 2003
      • Author(s): Suresh, SJ; Naik, VM  
        Title: Theory of dielectric constant of aqueous solutions  
        Source: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 116 (10): 4212-4220 MAR 8 2002
      • Author(s): Suresh, SJ; Naik, VM 
        Title: Hydrogen bond thermodynamic properties of water from dielectric constant data
        Source: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 113 (21): 9727-9732 DEC 1 2000
      • Author(s): Juvekar, VA; Anoop, CV; Pattanayek, SK; Naik, VM 
        Title: A continuum model for polymer adsorption at the solid-liquid interface  
        Source: MACROMOLECULES, 32 (3): 863-873 FEB 9 1999
      • Author(s): Suresh, SJ; Naik, VM 
        Title: Predictive models for interfacial properties of associating systems. A statistical thermodynamic approach  
        Source: LANGMUIR, 12 (25): 6151-6163 DEC 11 1996
      • Author(s): Shouche, SV; Chokappa, DK; Naik, VM; Khakhar, DV 
        Title: Effect of particulate solids on the rheology of a lyotropic gel medium  
        Source: JOURNAL OF RHEOLOGY, 38 (6): 1871-1884 NOV-DEC 1994
  • Note: Please see the CV attached for the full list of  Publications


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