Sachin C Patwardhan

Personal Information
Full Name: Sachin C Patwardhan
Room No: 305, CAD Centre
+91 (22) 2576 7211 (O)
+91 (22) 2572 6895 (Fax)
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  • B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, I.T., B.H.U.,1986
  • M.Tech.,Chemical Engineering, I.I.T. Madras,1988
  • Ph.D., Systems and Control Engineering, I.I.T. Bombay, 1994


  • Head, Department of Chemical Engineering (2011-2014)

Awards & Fellowships

  • Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada (2000-2001)
  • Indira Manudhane Best P.G. Teacher Award in Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay, 2004-2005.
  • Indira Manudhane Award for Best Applied Research in Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay, 2004.


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R&D Areas/Projects

  • Nonlinear Model Predictive ControlDevelopment of discrete mathematical models suitable for formulating efficient predictive control strategies for controlling highly nonlinear systems has been the focus of work in this area. The recent focus of our work in this area has been on development of nonlinear state observers for single rate as well as irregularly sampled multi-rate systems, which are significantly affected by unmeasured disturbances, unknown fluctuations in actuators and uncertainties in process parameters. The ongoing work in this area is focused on development of computationally efficient algorithms for embedded control of nonlinear systems with fast dynamics.
  • Linear and Nonlinear System IdentificationIdentification of linear and nonlinear state space models for irregularly sampled multi-rate systems subject to unmeasured disturbances is one direction of work pursued in this area. The state space models are parameterized using generalized orthonormal basis filters (OBF). A method has developed for simultaneous estimation of time delays present in multiple channels. Development of closed loop identification schemes for on-line model maintenance of models used in predictive controllers is another area of research being actively pursued.
  • Fault Tolerant Control Scheme (FTCS)This work is aimed at developing on-line fault diagnosis and identification (FDI) methods and planning on-line corrective actions to avoid performance degradation due to occurrences of faults. The model based FDI technique based on generalized likelihood ratio (GLR) test and Kalman filtering has been integrated with conventional and model predictive control schemes to evolve fault tolerant control schemes. Developing FTCS for large scale plants and nonlinear systems is the focus of current work in this area.
  • Modeling and Control Semi-batch Processes #Adaptive predictive control of semi-batch fermentation is major direction of our work in this area. Also, a novel method has been developed for modeling batch / semi-batch processes from historical records of input output data. This model is further used to arrive at optimal input policy.