K. V Venkatesh

iGEM 2009 Updates

The updates for iGEM 2009 are presented here which are included after the deadline of wikifreeze on iGEM 2--9 website.

Conclusions of the project:

We characterized a phenotypic property of a cell (growth) with the help of synthetic genetic circuits. We proved that the specific growth rate on lactose was optimized in the mutant strain containing multiple feedbacks. The noise or variance associated with the protein expression of a MIMO strain was comparatively lower than that of Open loop strain containing zero feedbacks. We were successful in quantifying the gene expression using synthetic networks and correlate the intrinsic noise at the expression level to the phenotypic response of growth. Simulation and control analysis proved conclusively the advantages of multiple feedback to regulate inherent noise in the system. It is therefore, no surprise, that nature has evolved such a multiple feedback design which is observed in systems ranging from bacteria to humans.