Activities Conducted by the Department

Apart from teaching and research for the regular students, the department conducts several activities that also engages public from outside the institute. These include public lectures, various meets, and special courses.

One day symposium on "Science and Engineering of Sustainable Development"

IIT Bombay and The Ohio State University, USA, have come together to jointly organize an annual symposium on the science and engineering for sustainable and resilient model of development in collaboration with Techstain Technologies as organizing partner. Techstain Technologies is an early stage social business enterprise focused on sustainability based application of technologies. The company is committed to develop and disseminate cutting edge sustainable technologies by collaborating with industry, academia, governments and NGOs. In this inaugural year the Symposium will focus on ‘Sustainability of Earth and Water Resources from Ecological Perspective’. The event is to be held on 26th July, 2017 at IIT Bombay. More information about the symposium as well as registration be found at:  

Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA)

The Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA), established in 1965, aims at promoting awareness and knowledge about chemical engineering to outside masses as well as provides a forum for mutual interaction to students, both past and present, of the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay. The association ultimately aims at enabling its members to benefit from its activities.

ChEA looks back with pride with an enviable record of annual seminar organized on a diverse range of topics of current interest to the chemical engineering community. The records becomes even more enviable when considered in the context of the fact that such Seminars are organized almost entirely by students with a remarkably keen participation & generous support from ChEA Team.

ChEA and the Chemical Engineering Dept. have many new initiatives.


AZeotropy is the Annual Chemical Engineering Festival conducted by ChEA.
AZeotropy is more than just a technology festival. It aims at emphasizing the spirit of engineering, experimenting with ideas, of committing mistakes, but more importantly, learning from them. It incorporates an interesting mix of competitions, talks, exhibitions, workshops, brainstorming and fun. Whether one is a participant or an onlooker, AZeotropy aims at providing value addition to anyone even remotely associated with it. In line with these intentions, AZeotropy promises to span the length and breadth of Chemical Engineering.
AZeotropy is an event with something for every budding chemical engineer. Whoever thought chemical engineering isn't fun is in for a surprise !


ChEmference is a national conference that aims to bring together graduate students and researchers from industry to exchange and share their experiences, ideas and research on all aspects of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. Previously, ChEmference was held at IIT Kanpur (2008 and 2010), IIT Madras (2009) and IISc Bangalore (2011). ChEmference will be hosted jointly at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay on 10th and 11th December, 2012.

Follow the Website :
Chemference 2012 website
Chemference 2018 website

Research Scholars' Symposium (RSS)

Academia has always been considered as a bastion of research. Current trends in Indian industries are also increasingly oriented towards R&D activities. It is therefore of mutual interest for both these sectors to interact as their activities are complementary in nature. RSS was started in February 2006, with a vision to provide this synergistic dimension to the research being conducted by PhD students of the Chemical Engineering Department and showcase their work to the industrial delegates. This annual event is solely organized by PhD students of the department under the aegis of Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA), IIT Bombay. As we step into yet another year, RSS – 2017 aims to carry forward and accomplish the motives of this event by ensuring more participation and better interaction.


RSS 2019 website
RSS 2018 website
RSS 2017 website


Project ‘Biosynth’ is a first ever student’s initiative of installing a self sustained Biodiesel producing plant at an institute level. The project’s long term vision is to come up with an efficient technology that can substantially reduce pollution and country’s dependence on imported fuels.

Contact Details :

 Name    Email id  Contact no.
Sanjay Mahajani Professor Incharge 022-2576 7246
Piyush Lakhmani Overall Co-ordinators 8097426529
Ashish Bhutia Overall Co-ordinators 9833439505
Nishant Chafle Manager 9757352439
Gunish Handa Manager 9819960873
Arun Sethi Manager 9769474889
Arjun Karangiya Manager 7208043801
Aman Berlia Manager 9867702244
Nirav Savla Manager 9004400098
Saif Rahaman Manager 9819549714


For more information, please visit our website at BioSynth.

Awards given by the Department

The Manudhane Excellence Awards have been made possible through a donation from the Indira Foundation, a trust promoted by a 1975 alumnus of the Chemical Engineering Department, Mr. Avi Nash. The individual awards are named after his parents Mr. R. G. Manudhane and Mrs. Indira Manudhane and are intended to encourage excellence in learning, teaching and research (particularly applied research) in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay.