Impingement and freezing of an aqueous jet extruded into cold organic fluid

Submitted by guruswamy on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 16:28

This project will primarily involve OpenFoam simulations and will be co-supervised by Prof Janani M in Mechanical Engg.

The project involves OpenFoam simulations of an aqueous jet that is impinged into a pool of cold oil, such that it freezes as it propagates into the oil. The motivation for this problem is that we are investigating a new method for 3D printing that involves freezing aqueous colloidal dispersions to form a porous structure. An important step in this is to figure out how to control where this aqueous jet freezes as it is extruded into a cold bath of immiscible fluid. A former student has already set up OpenFoam simulations of an aqueous jet impinging into a fluid, including a yield stress fluid at room temperature. What needs to be done next is to figure out the phase change in the cold bath. These simulations can be validated with the experimental work of a PhD student who is developing the 3D printing method. 

Evaluation: Evaluation of progress through weekly meetings. A final report and presentation will be due at the end of the semester for the grade.

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