Studies on particle scavenging characteristics by ElectroHydroDynamic (EHD) Sprays and the development of a filterless Aircleaner System

The use of charged droplets to treat pollutants and combustion products has been described in the literature since 1940s. It overcomes the problem of high pressure-drop in filtration and ozone generation in electric based air purification systems. The project aims at both, developing a fundamental understanding of interaction between charged droplets and aerosol particles and based on this learning building a prototype electrospray based air cleaner.

The project would essentially involve conducting a series of experiments on understanding fundamentals of droplet-particle interaction, using an in-house levitation device , namely the electrodynamic quadrupolar trap. Charged droplets and aerosols interact via hydrodynamic as well as electrostatic interaction.  These understandings will be used to develop a scaled up electrospray air cleaner. The essentials will involve developing a well formed electrospray, particle injection system, using instruments to quantify particle capture amongst others.


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