Modeling transport processses in electroporation of cells for cancer treatment

The administration of anti-cancer drugs such as Cisplatin and Bleomycin is known to be significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with electroporation. Electroporation involves punching of holes of the size of few 10s of nanometers into bilayer membranes to put across polar drugs or nanoparticles. 

The project will continue this work to simulate the interaction of nanoparticles with bilayer membranes under electric fields. The already available code will be further developed to simulate new scenarios and results will be compared with experiments. It is known that nanoparticles are effective in both early detection as well as delivery of anticancer agent. The dependence of the efficacy of delivery of these nanoparticles and their dependence on size and charge on the nanoparticles will be explored in this work. Both experimetns and simulations will be performed

The project aims at further developing the model on electroporation assisted uptake of nanoparticles by Giant vesicles. The project would undertake theoretical studies on possibilities of nanonsecond pulsed electric field for delivering nanoparticles to the cell nucleus. The Krasswaska model will be used, and simultaneous electrodeformation of vesicles will be explored. 

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