Development of Matlab/Python Toolbox for Fitting Impedance Spectroscopy

This work relates to li-ion battery diagnostic tool develpoment and is computational work, which involves designing a MATLAB/Python interface for fitting impedance spectroscopy data with custom models/formulas which are derived based on electrochemical principles. In many publications, in the field of energy storage, the experimental data is usually fitted with simplified circuit elements (resistance and capacitance). Such simplistic fitting may lead to incorrect interpretation of the underlying processes and may lead to gross errors in the measured parameter. Having a MATLAB/Python toolbox that can fit custom equations/formulas will be very helpful in fitting the accurate models to enable correct analysis of the process. Such a toolbox will be very useful to the battery/fuel cell community and have the potential of becoming a highly cited work.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy is one of the important methods to extract parameters for battery, fuel cells and electrolyzers systems. Impedance spectroscopy is extensively used in research to pinpoint the bottleneck processes in the performance of these systems.

The project relates to improving  a user-friendly interface where users can import the experimental data (from various file format) and visualize it. Then based on the choice of model/ formula/equation, the MATLAB software should fit the experimental data with the model. Design of such a system will require the knowledge of Matlab programming and optimization. The student will be encouraged to incorporate AI/ML based algorithms for improved/faster fitting. Most potentiostats come with their own fitting software, but such software are very restricting in terms of what can be fitted. The choice of formulas/equations for fitting is limited. Hence the need for having a toolbox that can fit sophisticated expressions/formulas to the experimental data.

Note that Matlab/Python is just one option, one can always use C/C++ as well to do this project.


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