(In)flexible filaments in 2D turbulence


Instabilities and Bifurcations


Pattern Formation: Nonlinear mode interaction

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Dissipation in turbulent flows

Many fluid flows encountered in natural and engineered settings are nonlinear and exhibit complex multi-scale dynamics, including pattern formation and turbulence. Our research group addresses such problems in a variety of contexts, using mathematical methods---both analytical and computational---with a focus on gaining physical insight and identifying organizing principles. Some topics of ongoing work are turbulent transport of polymers, pulmonary mucus dynamics, and mechano-chemical pattern formation in biological systems.

Research Areas

Turbulent flows are ubiquitous and play an essential role in a wide range of scientific problems: From the transport of oil in pipelines to the production of chemicals in stirred tank reactors; from the transport of plankton in the ocean to the formation of rain in clouds.

Vortices in red and straining in blue

Most flows and transport processes encountered in nature and industry are nonlinear and give rise to spatio-temporal patterned states, e.g., droplets arrayed along a spider-web, waves on a falling liquid film, and Turing vegetation patterns in a semi-arid landscape.

collageThese patterns raise several fascinating questions: What is the mechanism that gives rise…

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