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P Sunthar

B.Tech, CECRI, 1993
M.S., IIT Madras, 1995
Ph.D., IISc Bangalore, 2002
Research Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne, 2003-2006
Visiting fellow, Stanford University, 2005
+91 (22) 2576 7229
+91 (22) 2576 8229
+91 (22) 2572 6895

Project Positions available

  1. Microfluidic synthesis of vesicles for targeted drug delivery A research position is available under a DST funded project (Details in PDF). Consult Frontier Research Areas Page or email me for further details. Only persons with a background in engineering (BE/B.Tech Chemical/Mechanical) or M.Sc Physics are eligible.
  2. Summer/Winter Projects Students who wish to work on short term projects for the summer/winter please apply as per information given in this page.


  • CL 256: Fluid and Fluid-Solid Operations (Login using LDAP)
  • CL 657: Computational Flow Modelling (CFD Course) outline

Meeting Schedule

Time Schedule for meeting with students Aug-Dec 2008.

Laboratory Notebook

A spreadsheet (openoffice calc) template for recording your laboratory/simulation results, which should serve as your laboratory notebook/journal/dairy is available here. There could be small changes from time to time, so please download from this link for every new report.

Openoffice Calc template for Lab Journal Sheets

File name: When saving the file use the experiment number, and if required a identification label from the title as the file name. The experiment number should be of the format ABC-YY-012, where ABC is the initials of the investigator, YY for the two digit year, and 012 is the three digit experiment number. Example: PS-09-002. The corresponding file name could be PS-09-002-axissym-width.ods.

Protection: Some cells in the Title sheet are protected. This means you will not be able to change them or insert new rows.

Changes: The changes made to the document will be recorded (with a red outline box and a small square block on the left top corner). Please make sure your computer's date and time and the username are correct. This may be required to make claims later.

Hardcopy Notebook You may maintain a hardcopy notebook for gathering data during an experiment, but it must contain all the important information pertaining to the experiments, and such information should be transferred to the spreadsheet as soon as possible. From time to time, take a printout of the spreadsheets along with the analysis plots.

Curriculum Vitae

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