K. P. Madhavan  



M.Tech., I.I.T. Bombay, 
Ph.D., I.I.T. Bombay. 

Research Areas:
Process Control, Nonlinear Systems Control, Process Synthesis, Process Modelling and Optimization

Excellence in Teaching 1998

Honorary Work:
Member Heavy water Board
Atomic Energy Establishment
Member, Research Advisory Council, NEERI, Nagpur


Details of Research Interests:  

Integrated approach to design and control: Development of a decomposed optimization approach to handle design and control problems: applications to batch reactors and batch distillation columns

Model based control of nonlinear systems: Global linearising control, Control using higher order prediction models, heterogeneous control of semibatch reactors

Process modelling and Analysis: Modelling of Laser Photochemical Reactors, Analysis of Gas Jet Reactors, Divided Wall Columns

Process Optimization: Optimization of Slop Recycle of Multifraction Batch Distillation Column, Analysis of Online Optimizing Control Structures 

Process synthesis:Conceptual Process Synthesis, Control System Synthesis, Integration of Logic in Process Synthesis

Multivariable system identification: Development of an environment for Process Identification using plant data

Process Controllability Analysis: Development of tools for structural controllability analysis, Controllability Analysis of Complex Columns

Multi-purpose Dynamic Simulation: Development of an Integrated Dynamic Simulation Environment for Control System Synthesis and HAZOP analysis: Integration of MATLAB based synthesis and HAZOP analysis routines with SPEEDUP. This can perform stand alone dynamic simulation, dynamic model development from simulation data, controllability Analysis, Control structure selection, controller design and performance assessment


Selected Publications:  

  1. S.C. Patwardhan and K.P. Madhavan, "Nonlinear internal model control using quandratic models", Comp. & Chem. Eng., 22, 587, 1998.
  2. S.C. Patwardhan and K.P. Madhavan, "Improved Techniques for Development of Quandratic Perturbation Models", I & EC Res., 35, 4281, 1996.
  3. S.C. Patwardhan and K.P. Madhavan, "Nonlinear predictive control using quadratic prediction models", I & EC Res., 32, 331, 1993.
  4. L.M. Gantayet and K.P. Madhavan, "Process Modelling of Laser Photochemical Reactor", Separation Sci. Tech., 27, 793, 1992.
  5. J. Bhat, M. Chidamaram and K.P. Madhavan, "Multivariable Global Input-Output Liniarised Internal Model Control of a semi-batch reactor", I & EC Res., 30, 1541, 1991.

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