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1 November, 2015

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15th February,2016

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28th February, 2016

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31st January,2016

There is an immense interest in the use of living cells of microbial, mammalian or plant origin as factories to produce small molecule chemicals and protein based products. Each product category has its own set of challenges that will need to be overcome before commercial deployment. Bulk chemicals and fuels require high product yields and volumetric productivities that will optimize the cost of production and separation. Likewise, for industrial enzymes, the cost of production is a key parameter. For therapeutics, in addition to cost, product quality and consistency are important factors.

One of the major challenges faced in implementing cell based processes includes identification of a suitable host strain followed by application of perhaps several orthogonal engineering strategies that may be required with a single host to achieve the desired goal. There have been significant advances reported in the engineering of host cells. This workshop will enable mutual exchange of information between academic and industrial researchers in this area, from US and India. The workshop will also provide a platform for direct interactions between academic and industrial researchers to better understand and enhance the possibilities of collaborative research activities between them.

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