Anurag Mehra

Personal Information
Full Name: Anurag Mehra
Room No: 222, Chem. Engg.
+91 (22) 2576 7217 (O)
+91 (22) 2572 8217 (R)
+91 (22) 2572 6895 (Fax)
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  • B.Tech. Chemical Engg., I.I.T. Kanpur, 1983
  • M.Chem.Engg., Bombay University, 1985
  • Ph.D. (Tech.), Bombay University, 1987


  • Head, Computer Center, IIT Bombay (2003-2008)
  • Head, Department of Chemical Engineering (2008-2011)
  • Visiting Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (Spring 2007)
  • Professor In Charge, Administrative Planning & Services (2009-2012)
  • Visiting Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)
  • Center for Advanced Study of India (CASI) Summer Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (Summer 2014)
  • Institute Chair Professor
  • (CURRENTLY ON LIEN, at Ahmedabad University, as Professor of Chemical Engineering & Dean Planning:

Awards & Fellowships

  • INSA Medal for Young Scientists (1989)
  • Associate, Indian Academy of Sciences (1989-1994)
  • IIChE Amar Dye Chem Award (1994)
  • EC Marie Curie Fellowship (1995)
  • Excellence in Teaching (2002)
  • Manudhane Excellence Award (2005) [consulting]
  • Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering (2009)
  • Fellow, National Academy of Sciences India (2011)


A complete list of publications is available in this link. (This is a list with one of the authors' last name as "Mehra". Please note this link may display other authors with the same last name, but does not belong to the person Anurag Mehra of this page. For a more accurate list, please look for "Detailed Information" Link above or any other "Publications" link in this page.)

R&D Areas/Projects

  • Public Policy; Sociology of Education, Science & Technology
  • Formation of Nanostructures & use in Drug Delivery, Hyperthermia
  • Transport & Reaction Engineering in Multiphase Systems, with special interest in Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  • Food Foams and Sponges; Baking of Bubbly Foods