PhD admissions for Autumn Semester (2014)

Information regarding the recently concluded PhD admissions process for the Autumn Semester (2014) is given on this page. Please check both the Institute admissions page ( and this page frequently for updates regarding the next round of admissions.

Application Procedure

If you have not already done so, carefully go through the various scholarship categories explained on the previous page. 

You will apply to our PhD program in two stages.

  1.  First, you need to visit the Institute admissions page, and provide information via the application portal. This portal allows you to simultaneously apply to multiple PhD programs in the Institute. On completing your application at this site, you will be assigned an applicant ID number to our PhD program; this is of the form RCL20141abcd. Note this number down; it will be needed in the next stage.
  2. In the second stage, we require you to indicate to us the research topics that are of interest to you. To do this, 
    1. you first need to visit the list of TAP and FA topics for which candidates are required at this time. Go through the topics specified there carefully, and read up on them. Take your time doing this, read up background material on these topics, and select a subset of 6 topics that interest you. 
    2. The link below takes you to a form where you need to register, using your RCL number (from the general application process). Next, indicate whether you have your own scholarship (i.e. you are an FA category applicant). Note that some of the topics are flagged FA only, and are only available to those candidates with their own scholarships. The TAP topics are open to all candidates. The form would next ask you to list 6 preferred topics in order. You may also opt to apply for a TA position; as described above, if selected, you have relative flexibility in selecting a topic at a later time. 
    3. As you select each of your 6 preferences, you will be required to explain your reasons for interest in that topic. You should also indicate why your capabilities and academic background match those indicated as being desirable for that topic. Please provide concise and relevant reasons. The TA option does not require you to enter a response.
  If you have gone through the list of topics and have made up your mind, you should then proceed to fill out the form here. Once you submit information on this form, no further changes will be permitted. The last date by which you should fill this form out is May 5, 2014 (Updated)

Shortly after the online application process closes for this round of admissions, the Institute admissions site will publish a shortlist of candidates selected for the interview, to be held approximately 3 weeks later. Allocation of topics to selected candidates will be as per your preferences; if you are selected for a topic of a higher preference rank, you will not be considered for the lower preferences.