P Sunthar

Brownian Dynamics using MMTK

These are a collection of lectures on the extending the Molecular Modelling ToolKit (MMTK) (which is a generic Python library/package for molecular dynamics) to perform Brownian Dynamics Simulations. The lectures are organised in various modules:

  1. Introduction to Python and Object Oriented Programming.
  2. Simple scripting to perform basic MD and BD

These lectures were delivered and recorded in Monash University during Nov-Dec 2009. I thank the author of MMTK Dr Konrad Hinsen, for providing useful comments and insights in preparing these lecture slides, and Dr J Ravi Prakash, for providing the support to carry out this work.

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Details of Research Projects

Liposome, Microfluidics

Interactive Grading Application

Determining grade boundaries for letter grades is a difficult task when carried out with spreadsheets. The Interactive Grading Application provides a simple and intuitive graphical user interface to determine the natural grade boundaries. The application is safe (data is confidential) to use, as all the computation is done in the users' browser (through javascripts) and no data is transmitted to the server.

Meeting Schedule

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Polymer Rheology

Presentation file and Audio Lecture given in SERC school on Rheology of Complex Fluids in IIT Madras, Chennai Jan 2010.

Polymer Simulation Companion: An Introduction to Brownian Dynamics

Notes and program source codes for lecture delivered in SERC School on Molecular Simulations, IISc Bangalore May 2009, are provided here for download.

Rapid Synthesis of Liposomes

We study devices and methods to produce liposomes from the solution phase. Two such devices are able to produce liposomes in the fastest time by any method so far


  1. Stationary Phase Inerdiffusion in a Syringe-Cuvette assembly  (takes about 6 to 8 hours for a volume of about 0.5 ml of highly concentrated monodisperse large unilamellar vesicles)
  2. Stationary Phase Interdiffusion in in a Capillary (takes about 15 minutes for a volume of about 80 micro l of highly concentrated monodisperse large unilamellar vesicles)
Both the methods can be scaled up trivially by increasing the number of units.


Skills for Scientific Communication

Here we collect a set of lectures delivered in Communication Skills course, part of which is conducted by the department. An all round approach has been followed, starting from introduction to the scientific methodology, and up to some details in actually using a software's assistance for communication.